How to avoid cardiac duce in diabetics?

Angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and various rhythm disturbances of the heart are quite common. Most of the issues are related to poor coronary circulation and decreased blood supply to the heart muscle. The coronary arteries are affected quite differently in diabetics. There are multiple blockages that are diffuse, calcified, and severe. These complications can be managed and prevented by various means. Maintaining blood glucose to normal values, the 4 monthly glucose assessment by keeping the HBIAC to less than 7%, the LDL Cholesterol levels to 70 mg% and less, and the Blood Pressure around 130/80 if maintained judiciously and regularly on a long term basis can certainly prevent cardiac complications. Walking regularly, maintaining a normal weight, and strictly avoiding smoking and tobacco are important. Please take all the medications regularly as prescribed.

How to avoid brain strokes in diabetics?

Besides avoiding smoking, tight control of blood glucose and LDL cholesterol is important. However, the most important aspect is control of blood pressure. The blood pressure should be around 140/90 even up to 80 years of life. The blood pressure should also be checked in a standing position. High blood pressure may not cause headaches, giddiness, or nasal bleeding in all patients. In fact, hypertension like diabetes is a silent disease. Hence frequent monitoring by digital monitoring devices at home is strongly recommended. Regular walking of 30 minutes per day should be a rule than an exception. Brain hemorrhage and massive brain infarct can be lethal.

How to avoid complications in the kidneys?

Estimation of albumin in the urine is an indicator of early kidney involvement in diabetics. Blood urea and creatinine levels would rise much later. Choosing the right medications like ACE inhibitors, maintaining blood pressure and glucose to normal values, and avoiding smoking are necessary. Diabetics are prone to recurrent urinary tract infections. Proper evaluation, checking for prostate under control and do not smoke. Daily walks would improve blood circulation. Loss of sensations or burning sensation in the feet is very common due to peripheral neuropathy. This encourages injuries and infections. Do not cut corns or callosities on your own.

What about sexual dysfunction?

Due to decreased blood supply to the genitals of involvement of nerve: erectile dysfunction is Diabetes is considered to be one of the largest emerging threats to health in the 21 st century. Diabetes can often e controlled but cannot be used in the majority. Many diabetics die early the nondiabetics. The morbidity is generally due to cardiac issues, brain strokes,  various infections, and kidney failure. Damage to the retina yen causing blindness and per vial nerves causing burning sensation is a common occurrence. Gangrene of the toes and feet requiring amputation and being a source of serious sepsis is not uncommon. management in men and uterine prolapse in women becomes necessary. Annual examination of kidney ! Unction and urine examination is necessary. Certain antidiabetic drugs can slow down kidney function deterioration.

How to avoid eye complications?

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the commonest causes of blindness in the elderly. Annual examination of the retina is very important. The vision can remain normal if the retina is involved peripherally. Retinal hemorrhage, retinal detachment is common in poorly controlled diabetics. The complications in the retina are further compounded if the blood pressure is uncontrolled. Please visit your ophthalmologist every year for a detailed eye examination.

What about foot care?

It is said that daily examination of your feet by yourself or in the mirror is necessary. Please wash your feet at least twice daily and keep them dry. Please cut your toenails regularly and carefully. Do not walk bare feet, and always wear well-fitting shoes and cotton socks. Even at home wear proper footwear. Care for your feet as much you care for your face. Small cuts, burns, infections, or boils should not be ignored. Always consult your doctor for any foot infection even if the Injury seems trivial. Please keep your blood pressure and cholesterol common. This can lower self-esteem, cause depression and stress. Propel blood glucose control. blood pressure control is necessary. Certain medications are available for erectile dysfunction and certain medications need to be avoided. A healthy and positive attitude helps. Certain emotional issues can be responsible in addition to the long stand. ing diabetes.

What about diabetes care in pregnancy?

Diabetes can be responsible for infertility, obesity hypertension, and frequent stillbirths and abortions. Regular exercises, weight reduction before getting pregnant are important. During pregnancy proper blood glucose control with insulin is necessary. Proper diet. activity, self-monitoring of blood glucose is imperative. Tight blood glucose and pressure control lead: to a successful outcome. Maintenance of normal weight and regular exercises may prevent the occurrence of diabetes in those who had gestational dia. better.
Being a diabetic has many implications for a person’s health. It throws many challenges as uncoil. trolled diabetics are besieged with many corn• plications. However, a disciplined and realistic approach and good partnership with the health provider may help to avoid or lessen these complications.

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