You need to have symptoms of high blood pressure! More than 50 percent of individuals with high blood pressure may not have any symptoms. High blood pressure is a silent killer. High blood pressure without symptoms is still damaging or corroding your blood vessels. If you are above 25 years weekly monitoring of blood pressure on your digital instrument is suggested. Not using table salt reduces blood pressure as the salt intake is low! Please check the labels on your processed food, snacks, or tomato sauce. Pickles and papads are rich in salt. In some Sodium can increase blood pressure. Make sure that salt is not added to your daily food items.
Stopping medications if blood pressure is normal! Treatment of high blood pressure is a lifelong commitment. The risk of taking medications correctly for life is too less than the consequences. Self-monitoring of blood pressure at home is strongly recommended. Keep a diary and share it with your doctor on every visit.
Wine is good for the heart and I can drink as much as I want, Heavy and regular use of alcohol can dramatically increase blood pressure. It can lead to irregular heartbeats, heart failure, and stroke. Excess alcohol consumption causes accidents, obesity, cancer, suicide, liver cirrhosis, and high triglycerides. Even red wine is not safe.

Kosher salt or sea salt is better than table salt?

Table salt, sea salt, and kosher salt are the same chemically, It is not a more healthful option to use kosher salt or sea salt. No salt is safe for high blood pressure individuals. Drinking coffee can raise blood pressure! As caffeine is a stimulant, there is a misconception that it can raise blood pressure. Most researchers believe that it does not. However, alcohol does have an impact. Caffeine in excess as in energy drinks can raise blood pressure One of the commonest medical conditions that often leads to heart attack or paralysis is hypertension. It is shrouded by so many myths that control of blood pressure in more than 35% of hypertensive individuals remains uncertain, understanding these myths may help a better blood pressure control.
High blood pressure is a man’s disease! Before the age of 50 years, hypertension is more common in men than in women. But after menopause, a woman’s risk may be even higher than in men. Taking birth control pills can cause a rise in blood pressure. Women with high blood pressure may have increased complications during pregnancy, and women who develop blood pressure during pregnancy have more risk of developing blood pressure later in their life. If I am young, I do not worry about blood pressure! Irrespective of age, blood pressure can affect you. Early onset diabetes, obesity disorders, PCOD in girls and young women, the stress of studies and examinations, lack of exercise, alcohol, and smoking at a young age can increase your risk of blood pressure.
I take blood pressure treatment regularly and have good control!

Is there a need for exercise and dietary modifications?

There is absolutely no substitute for a heart-healthy lifestyle. This includes exercise and diet control. It is the most important measure you can take to reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. You are on treatment for blood pressure because your doctor believes that your lifestyle measures are inadequate to control your blood pressure.
My blood pressure is high in the doctor’s chamber, but normal at home! This may be white-coat hypertension. Modern research does not consider this as normal. This should be followed up more closely, including ambulatory blood pressure readings. If I take blood pressure treatment for life, it may make me addicted to medications or my kidneys would get damaged! This is a myth. In fact, blood pressure control will prevent kidney disease and stroke, and heart failure. These medications do not cause addiction. Annual check for kidney ‘Unction, cardiovascular assessment, and evaluation for diabetes and cholesterol is always recommended.
My doctor monitors my blood pressure, so’ need not worry about it! In fact, you should monitor your blood pressure. If under treatment, please monitor twice daily If you have normal blood pressure, monitor it at least weekly at home and keep a record and show it to your doctor.
High blood pressure is silent but highly dangerous if not controlled. Along with diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, and lack of exercise, it is the commonest cause of heart attack, paralysis, kidney, and Alzheimer’s disease. Detect it and treat it. The treatment is a lifelong commitment.

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