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Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- India’s latest health score card reads more heart disease , a surge in diabetes and a rising suicide rate. Studies that analysed health data for between 1990 and 2016 also finds double the number of cancer cases and a high rate of respiratory diseases in India. The findings were reported in Lancet a reputed medical journal .

What have been the leading risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in 2016 ?

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- The leading factors for cardiovascular diseases in 2016 were dietary risks, high systolic blood pressure, air pollution, high total cholesterol, tobacco use, high fasting plasma glucose and being overweight or high body mass index.

Which is the fastest rising non-communicable disease in India ?

  1. Diabetes is the fastest rising disease. The prevalence of diabetes in adults increased from 5.5% in 1990 to 7.7% or 65 million people in 2016. The disease contributed to 3.1% of all deaths in India. The increase in diabetes prevalence and death rates points to possible shortfalls in the management of diabetes- delayed diagnosis, poor control of blood glucose and failure to screen for early stage complications that leaves people more prone to the development of late stage complications.

What is the relationship between diabetes and heart disease ?

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- Patients with type 2 diabetes have a risk of death from cardiovascular causes that is two to six times than patients without diabetes. Multiple modifiable risk factors for late complications in patients with type 2 diabetes including high blood glucose,hypertension and high cholesterol , smoking increase the risk of poor outcome.

How is heart disease different in diabetics than in non diabetic people ?

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- Besides more than double the risk in diabetes, heart disease in diabetes is more aggressive and with a relatively poor outcome. Atypical symptoms of heart disease are more common in diabetics. These may include breathing difficulties, restlessness, unusual sweating , pain that may not be restricted to the sternum or left shoulder . In fact many diabetics may have such nonspecific symptoms as flatulence, belching, persistent hiccups ,  giddiness, syncope, pain in upper abdomen as the first symptom of heart attack. Many diabetics may not have chest pain even after a heart attack.

What about the coronary arteries in diabetics ?

  1. The disease in the coronary arteries in diabetics may be diffuse, may be in multiple vessels and may be extensive. Coronary artery bypass surgery may be more effective than coronary angioplasty for these reasons. The disease is more aggressive in post menopausal obese diabetic women.

How to prevent heart disease in diabetics ?  

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- Regular exercises as suggested by your doctor preferably after having a treadmill ECG test, weight reduction, good control over blood glucose, keeping LDL cholesterol below 80 mg%, maintaining blood pressure below 140/90, avoiding smoking completely and reducing stress levels , doing regular yoga and alcohol in moderation is the key to prevent heart disease in diabetics.

How long should one take medicines to prevent heart diseases in diabetics ? 

  1.  The treatment for diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol levels may be life long in most patients. Most of these drugs do not have major side effects. Periodic evaluation by blood test and follow up with your doctor at regular intervals is suggested.

Is India marching towards becoming the diabetes and heart disease capital of the world  ?

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- It has been suggested by most health experts that by another 20 years India will have the maximum number of diabetics. The incidence of heart diseases is also increasing at an alarming rate. Changing lifestyle, avoiding junk food, avoiding childhood obesity and regular exercise can prevent diabetes and heart ailments.

What is the role of parents in preventing heart diseases in children ?

  1. Diabetes and Heart Disease | sunflower hospital Nagpur | Dr Jay Deshmukh :- Children whose parents are diabetics, hypertensive or have a high cholesterol levels are prone for these diseases as well. Keeping a very healthy life style, taking part in outdoor sports and avoiding electronic gadgets for entertainment  is important. This includes television and cell phone usage. 

                           The health scenario of modern India is quite scary. The incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension is on the rise. The incidence of cancer is also increasing. Every week one hour should be spent in schools, colleges, offices, shops , factories and industries to interact with health professionals and understand the ways and means to avoid diabetes and heart diseases.

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